The Brand New Tesla Model 3 - Loaded!

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Win the all new Tesla Model 3. Your choice of either:

Option A) The Long-Range-Battery with Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive and your choice of exterior color; OR

Option B) The Mid-Range Battery with Rear-Wheel Drive, plus your choice of exterior color, 19-inch premium sport wheels, choice of interior leather color (black or white/black) and Enhanced Auto Pilot.

* Terms and Conditions Apply.

Value to not exceed $54,000 before taxes. Winner is responsible for $3,750 which will be refunded via the Federal tax credit (which is $3,750). Prize has a cash value of $50,000. The Aleph Auction must sell at least 1,250 tickets or prize reverts to a "Split-the-Pot" where winner receives half the earnings from this prize. Terms and conditions may change at any time.